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Learner license + Driving license in India at Motolic

Do you want to get learning driving license in India? Looking for the best RTO service provider?
If yes, then choosing Motolic is the best option to get Learning Driving license in India.

Generally, a driving license is a legal document under governmental authority letting individuals drives their vehicles on roads. We have a skilled team of RTO service provider and DL agents to guide you throughout the process of getting learning driving license.

Steps to apply for Learner license + Driving license:

  • Visit our official online portal and click the ‘New Driving License’ option.
  • Then you will be redirected to the application for the driving license online page.
  • After you get the confirmation that your learning driving license application has been processed, you can book the slot to attend the driving test. After completing the test successfully, you can get the Learning DL. It is valid for around 6 months, and you must practice driving your car or bike perfectly.
  • After 6 months of learning to drive thoroughly, you can apply for a permanent license. Now you must be above 18 to apply for the permanent license.

Now you can easily get the Learning Driving License of 2 wheeler license or 4 wheeler licenses in India at Motolic.

Advantages of choosing Motolic to get Learning Driving License:

  • Help you overcome punishable crime
  • In general, a Learning Driving License can be issued when a person is at the learning stage. Driving a car or bike on the road without a license is a punishable crime. Therefore, people beginning to learn to drive can apply for a learning driving license with the help of Motolic. They must need legal approval to learn to drive vehicles on the road, and therefore, they can apply at their nearest RTO or RTA (Regional Transport Office or Authority).

  • Help you know validity period
  • After learning to drive perfectly, they can apply for a permanent license when they are above 18. Individuals can apply for a permanent license after 30 days of getting a learning license. People under 18 can get a learning license, but they must be above 16 years old. The learning license is valid only for 6 months. 

  • Trusted DL agent
  • People can apply for the Learning Driving License of 4 wheeler license or 2 wheeler license with the help of Motolic. They can contact our RTO service provider or DL agent. You can find the enormous official website of the Road Transport & Highways Ministry today. You can use our trusted service to get car Learning Driving license or Bike Learning Driving license.


    What are the eligibility criteria for learning driving license?

    Individuals must follow the proper eligibility criteria at Motolic to apply for a learning driving license.

    • Applicant must be above 16 years of age
    • Applicants must only drive only 50 CC vehicles when they are a learner
    • The learning driving license holder must drive the vehicle under the supervision
    • They also must get the consent of their parent or guardian

    What are the documents required for learning driving license?

    After filling out the form and paying the due fees, you must submit certain legal documents. The documents required for Learning Driving License in bangalore at Motolic are mentioned below:

    1. Age Proofs
      • School Certificate with printed D.O.B
      • Birth Certificate
      • Aadhar Card
      • PAN Card
      • Passport
      • Voter ID
    2. Identity Proofs
      • Passport
      • Aadhar Card
      • Voter ID
    3. Address Proofs
      • Aadhar Card
      • PAN Card
      • Voter ID
      • Electricity Bills
      • LIC Bond
      • Ration Card
      • Property Papers or Rental Agreements
    4. Self-declaration of medical fitness
    5. Medical Certificate, if applicable
    6. Three passport size photographs

    What our learning license consists of?

    Our learning driving license consists of the applicant’s personal details, such as the name & age of the learner, a passport-size photograph, and a signature of government authority with a rubber stamp. It will be labeled as the learning license, and the type of DL will be mentioned in it.

    How many days it takes to get this done?

    55-70 Working Days

    Does customer have to go to RTO?


    Number of visits you will have to make to RTO?


    Documents Required

    • Age Proof
    • Local address proof
    • Permanent address proof
    • Passport size photograph
    • Customer signature on white paper
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