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Road Tax In Karnataka

In simple words in order to drive your vehicle one has to pay road tax. Every state has a different rate and formula to calculate Road Tax and if you are living in Karnataka then be prepared to pay much higher road tax than your friend from another state would pay. Karnataka imposes highest road tax amongst all categories of vehicles. Road Tax FAQs.

Road Tax Calculator

Step 1: (1 Day)

1. Send your documents at support@motolic.com

2. Pay motolic service/ incidental charges online

3. Documents will be forwarded to RTO to get estimation on road tax

Step 2: (3-4 Days)

1. Get the estimation of road tax from motolic

2. Make a DD in favour of "RTO Bangalore"

3. Send your DD to motolic headquarter in Bangalore

Step 3: (2-3 Days)

1. Motolic will get the receipt from RTO

2. Motolic will send back the receipt to customer

3. Get the feedback from customer here

Road Tax FAQs

I have brought my vehicle to Bangalore from another state. What should I do?

The most important thing to do is to pay the Karnataka road tax at the earliest. This has to be done within one month of moving to Karnataka. It is good to preserve toll receipts or any other evidence of the date when your vehicle entered the state however these are not mandatory. The govt. trusts that the date of entry you declare on the tax payment forms is correct. In case you have already arranged an NOC from your home state, the date of NOC is considered as the date of entry. If this date is more than a month old, you have to pay a late fine. After paying road tax, one has to go for re-registration (Change of Address and Number Plate).

Can I drive a vehicle without paying Road Tax in Bangalore?

RTO gives you one month time to pay road tax after you move your vehicle in Karnataka. After one month of moving, you may get penalized or worse your vehicle papers might get seized if you are caught driving a vehicle without paying Road Tax.

What documents are required to pay road tax?

  • Registration certificate of the vehicle (Copy of RC Book).
  • Invoice copy of the vehicle.
  • Valid Insurance Copy of the vehicle.
  • Address proof (optional,just in case).
  • NOC is required .
  • Form No. KMVT14 (If the vehicle is from different state)
  • Local address proof (Any one from the following list)
  • 1. Aadhar Card
    2. Passport
    3. Nationalized Bank Statement/Pass book
    4. Own house Electric Bill
    5. Ration Card
    6. Voter Id
    7. LIC Bond
    8. Own house agreement
    9. BSNL Bill
    10. Rental Agreement with Notary Seal + Electric Bill
    11. Rental Agreement with Notary Seal + Gas bill
    12. Letter from HR + Company Id

What is going to happen if I don't pay Road Tax?

Its mandatory to pay life time Road Tax in Karnataka. You cannot drive non-Karnataka-registered vehicle for more than 30 days in Karnataka after you brought your vehicle from any other states. You might get caught and asked to pay life time road tax with penalty and found defaulter.

Is it compulsory to get KA registration(Change of Address) after paying road TAX?

You have 1 month to register your vehicle after paying road tax.

If I decide to get Karnataka Registration number do I need to pay registration charges or the tax they are collecting is inclusive of that?

The Road Tax, which vehicle owner pays is exclusive of any registration cost. After paying Road Tax, you have 1 month to apply for Re-Registration. Once re-registration is done, vehicle owner has to wait for minimum 90 days to get new number plate.

What if I don't have Invoice of vehicle, for which I am applying road tax?

Without Invoice also one can pay road tax, required documents will be Vehicle Insurance, RC Book Original, PUC & NOC (If there) as well.

How is the road tax calculated?

Road tax is calculated by the RTO based on the price of the vehicle in invoice and on age of the vehicle.
Price of Vehicle on the Invoice: Rs. 4,00,000
Current Depreciated Valuation: 3,24,000
Date of Purchase: 01/10/2012
Estimated Road Tax: 46,753

Can I pay a yearly tax?

There is no provision of yearly / periodic tax payment for private vehicles(White board) for personal use in Karnataka. The tax collected is life time tax (LTT) prorated based on the age of the vehicle.

How important is it to get the address changed and to get a new number?

It is very important. Change of address has to be applied for within a month of entry and the Karnataka number should be obtained within one year. So once you have paid the Karnataka road tax, you can drive for a few months on the old number on the premise that you would soon be moving out of the state

Motolic FAQs

Does Motolic Road Tax Calculator give the accurate result?

It's estimated road tax amount based on the calculation chart issued by RTO. Road tax calculator is created to help customers to know the tentative Road Tax amount. Final Road Tax amount is calculated by RTO officer and might be different than the amount calculated on our portal.

What is the process of paying road tax with motolic?

You can use our road tax calculator to estimate the road tax or call our support team @+91-8317 404 881.

  • Send your documents to us at support@motolic.com
  • Once we receive your documents, will process it in RTO, and will inform you for road tax amount.
  • Post that motolic will help you to pay in RTO

Why is motolic taking this initiative to help customers by providing road tax calculator and simplifying the process?

The reason of very existence of motolic is to help customers by providing them high quality services with complete transparency. We take care of customer's each and every problem very seriously and once we identify the area of concern we try to address that. On road tax, our executives get many calls from vehicle owners who have no easy means and ways to find out how much road tax they need to pay and how to pay. Worst they may end up paying hefty amount to pay road tax. Having identified this as a big pain area we took this initiative to make this whole process transparent and simple for our customers. Feel free to send your comments and feedbacks at support@motolic.com so that we can improve it even further.