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Transfer of Ownership in India at Motolic

Ownership of vehicle transfer is essential for sales or transfers from one to another. However, the method is simple, which allows users to find the best plan for doing it. Our Motolic agents are available to guide you throughout the Transfer of ownership with in same state and explore the transfer of vehicle ownership without any hassles. So, it must be capable of handling easy methods without visiting RTO at first.

  • Transfer of ownership in case of average sale from Motolic
  • If your vehicle is sold to another person, you must RC transfer in Different city but within same state without any hassles. Of course, you must visit the RTO regarding the procedure or get guidance from our Motolic agents. You must obtain a proper transfer that lets you focus on easy methods in submitting papers from the RTO guidance or us.

  • Transfer of ownership on the death of the owner of the vehicle
  • The Transfer of ownership different RTO with in same state takes a complete pledge solution when you get our guidance. Of course, our Motolic site is always helpful in this case and guides you thoroughly. You can do the process well without any hassles, use it within third days of the owner's death, and express your intention to use the vehicle. Thus, you have to get the owner of the motor vehicle details and apply for a transfer option.

  • Transfer of ownership of vehicle purchased in the public auction
  • Ownership of the transfer of a car by auction is the process that lets users take complete guidance from the RTO or the Motolic agents. In addition to this, it will explore vehicle purchase certification and documents to be submitted online. However, you can always check the transfer of vehicle ownership from Motolic guidance.

    Guidelines to get ownership of a vehicle from Motolic

  • Transfer of ownership in case of a regular sale
  • The responsibilities of ownership vehicle transfer are easy, and notice changes in Form 29 are to be filled up. Of course, the process takes only a limited time and gets guidance from the Motolic site or agents. However, the process takes little time to explore and should be used under RTO norms.

  • Transfer of ownership on the death of the owner of the vehicle
  • You must get Form 31 and submit it within 90 days for vehicle owner transfer. The transfer options are available in the form; you must submit it without any hassles. Then, you must pay the proper fee specified in Rule 81 of the CMC 1989.

  • Transfer of ownership of vehicle purchased in a public auction
  • Within 30 days of processing, you can get the documents and enlists the name of another person. Of course, vehicle transfer options from Motolic agents are easy to guide and get duties depending on the motor act rules in Form 29 norms.

    Benefits of using Motolic for transferring vehicle ownership

    In case you sell your old vehicle or change of dead person's vehicle, you have to transfer the ownership certificate. Of course, applying through the Motolic site is easy, and guidance will be legal and professional always. So, the representatives will guide you throughout vehicle ownership transfer online and let you choose the best method in applying for transfer of vehicle ownership easier

  • 100% Satisfaction
  • If you want to transfer vehicle ownership, our Motolic agents will guide you to get 100% satisfaction. However, it should be valid enough; our team is ready to help you in all possible ways.

  • Friendly agents
  • Our Motolic agents are so professional in handling everything based on the requirements. However, our team will help you to vehicle ownership transfer form effectively.

  • Convenient in applying
  • It offers a convenient solution when you apply for a vehicle ownership transfer from us. Of course, our agents are always helpful in solving risks in the application form.


    How can I transfer ownership of my car using Motolic?

    With our Motolic agents, you can quickly transfer ownership of your car. Thus, our agent will guide you throughout the process effectively.

    Can RC transfer be done in India?

    Of course, the process is tedious, and you can ask the agents whether you can get an RC transfer from us or RTO guidance.

    What is the cost of vehicle ownership transfer?

    It may range from Rs. 300 to Rs. 2000 for transferring ownership vehicle to another person's name.

    How many days it takes to get this done?

    30-35 Working Days

    Does customer have to go to RTO?


    Number of visits you will have to make to RTO?


    Documents Required

    • RC Book Original
    • Insurance Copy
    • PUC Certificate
    • Tax Copy
    • Address Proof
    • Passport size photograph
    • Form 29
    • Form 30
    • Vehicle clearance certificate
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