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Road Tax in India at Motolic

If you are moving from another state to Karnataka then kindly be aware that you will have to pay life time Road Tax in Karnataka. However if you plan to move out of the state within a year then you need not to pay Road Tax however if you are planning to stay in Karnataka then its better you pay your Road Tax sooner to avoid any penalties. If you are confused about the amount then go ahead and use our Road Tax Calculator to find out tentative amount now. After paying the road tax you also have to get your vehicle registered in Karnataka.

Steps to apply for Road Tax:

  • Send your documents at documents@Motolic.com.
  • Pay Motolic service/ incidental charges online.
  • Documents will be forwarded to RTO to get estimation on road tax.
  • Get the estimation of road tax from Motolic.
  • Make a DD in favour of "RTO Bangalore".
  • Send your DD to Motolic headquarter in Bangalore.
  • Motolic will get the receipt from RTO.
  • Motolic will send back the receipt to customer.
  • Get the feedback from customer here.

How many days it takes to get this done?

12-15 working Days

Does customer have to go to RTO?


Number of visits you will have to make to RTO?


Documents Required

  • Insurance Copy
  • Vehicle Invoice
  • RC Book Copy
  • Emission Certificate
  • NOC
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