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Re-registration of vehicle in India at Motolic

Do you want to re-register your vehicle? Looking for some better support for vehicle re- registration? Then contact our Motolic representative to get all the instructions and information regarding Re-Registration of Vehicle.

Through our online platform, our Motolic executive will let you apply for vehicle re-registration online. Our platform can make the process as convenient and easy as possible. It can allow you to track the application progress at every step.

Our Motolic executive will liaise transport authority or RTO on your behalf, ensuring the application can be processed efficiently and quickly. They will offer regular updates on the application status; you can know when to expect the Re-Registration of Car or bike.

Steps to apply for Re-registration of vehicle:

  • First, you need to get the NOC for your vehicle from the previous RTO
  • Then submit the application and supporting documents to the RTO for vehicle re- registration
  • Complete the road tax payment
  • Attend the physical inspection by submitting your vehicle
  • After the internal process gets completed, you will get the new RC
  • Finally, the Vehicle re-registration process gets completed

How Motolic representative can help Re-Registration of 2 Wheeler or 4 wheeler?

You must need our assistance for Re-Registration of Motor Vehicle even though you can fill out the necessary forms here. It is mainly because; doing that paperwork is a hectic task and will take longer to complete. Hence, you are forced to spend more time here and may have to avoid any important meetings.

To resolve such issues, you can hand over such tasks to Motolic. We are specialized in this process, and we know how to get this task done within a short time. Hence call our Motolic representative immediately when you want vehicle re-registration.

Advantages of choosing Motolic for re-registration of vehicle:

Our Motolic representative can help you Re-Registration of 4 Wheeler or 2 wheeler by providing assistance and guidance throughout the process. Check out below to know how we help you:

  • Document preparation
  • Our Motolic representative help you prepare all required documents for the vehicle re- registration. The most required documents are Original DL, Local address proof, NOC, and Passport size photograph. We will give you complete information about the documents your state's licensing authority requires regarding Re-Registration of Bike or car.

  • Application Submission
  • After preparing the document, our Motolic representative can submit the vehicle re-registration application to the appropriate licensing authority or motor vehicle department on your behalf. It can help you save time and effort and avoid visiting the authority or department directly in person.

  • Tracking and follow-up
  • Our Motolic representative can help you track the application and ensure everything is happening on time.

  • Customer support:
  • Here we offer 24/7 customer support for the Re-Registration of 2 Wheeler or 4 wheeler. Hence you can contact us anytime you want without any hesitation.


    Is NOC from previous RTO compulsory for vehicle re-registration?

    Yes, NOC from the previous RTO is compulsory for vehicle re-registration. Get help from our Motolic representative to get this process done quickly.

    Is paying road tax for vehicle re-registration in the new state compulsory?

    Yes, paying road tax for vehicle re-registration in the new state is compulsory. Our Motolic representative will support you better during this process and help you pay road tax in a new state to re-register your vehicle.

    How much road tax should I pay for vehicle re-registration?

    Road tax on the specific depreciated value of your vehicle must be paid for vehicle re-registration. Contact our Motolic representative to know the exact amount of the road tax.

    Should I retain the old registration number after vehicle re-registration?

    The rules differ from city to city & state to state. In some RTO, you can retain the old registration number. But in some RTO, it is mandatory to change the registration number. To know all the rules accurately, contact our Motolic representative today.

    What are the documents required for vehicle re-registration?

    • Original NOC
    • Original RC
    • Valid Pollution certificate
    • Valid insurance
    • Copy of purchase invoice
    • Address proof
    • 2 nos of form 27
    • 1 no of form 20
    • 2 nos of form 28

    How many days it takes to get this done?

    30-35 Working Days

    Does customer have to go to RTO?


    Number of visits you will have to make to RTO?


    Documents Required

    • NOC
    • RC Book Original
    • Insurance Copy
    • PUC Certificate
    • Tax Copy
    • Passport size photograph
    • Form no. CMV27, CMV33, KMV27, Form 28
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