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Paper to smart card license in India at Motolic

Decades ago, a driving license came in paper and print form. Of course, digital form is now applicable to get the smartphone, laptops, etc. However, you can get a smart card Driving license from Motolic.In addition, the process is easy and thus carries documents to be submitted at the right time. Hence, Motolic is the best site to grab the details and focus on the structure and texture of a driving license DL. However, it includes a tiny diary or booklet and can be changed into smart cards.

What is a Smart Card Driving License?

A smart card driving license is issued as a card. However, it looks like a debit or a credit card and thus considers SCDL the chip on it. In addition to this, the chip is loaded with cardholder information and thus considers biometric details. However, the Motolic agent is now guiding everyone to reach the information correctly based on the data. Hence, RTO servers should be explored about loaded with cardholder information.

Application Process of Smart Driving License:

The management of DLs is done based on the RTO levels. In most cases, they seek the best thing, and Motolic should be explored based on the requirements. In addition to this, you can get Paper to smart card driving license upgraded from the Motolic. In addition to this, states in India should be explored, and visit the state government website or nearest RTO for specific information.

How to Apply for a Smart Card Driving License Online:

Of course, it will likely apply based on the Smart card driving license online for free. However, Motolic is the best agent to help you convert an Old DL into a new SCDL. The process should be explored mainly by a new smart card driving license via the online process.

  • First, visit the government of India.
  • From the online services drop-down menu and select driving license-related service
  • Select the state and then RTO.
  • Then, you have to select a new driving license from the apply online drop menu
  • After that, you have to follow filling personal details, upload documents, and upload photos and signature
  • Biometric information will be collected based on the schedule
  • Then, visit the RTO for a test
  • You can receive SCDL via post

How to Apply for a Smart Card Driving License Offline:

  • First, visit the nearest RTO and request for SCDL application form
  • Collect the forms and declare fitness and medical certificate
  • Then, fill the forms with the required details and attach relevant documents
  • Submit the application request to RTO
  • You have to pay the necessary for the type of vehicle and make payment and collect a receipt for the same
  • Of course, select a time slot and choose a driving test
  • Then, appear the test and choose the slot
  • You can receive SCDL via post
  • Benefits of Having A Smart Card Driving License from Motolic:

    When requesting for smart car driving license from Motolic, you can get complete guidance from the agents. However, you can get help from the representatives who are serving 24 hours in India regarding the Paper to smart card driving license. Some of the benefits of applying smart card driving license from Motolic guidance are listed below.

    • You can find out the significant benefits associated with SCDL as an old one
    • Information is stored in a secure manner
    • Update and upgrade the type of DL and biometric information of the driver
    • It can help traffic police to identify and scan easily


    What is the Fees for Smart Card Driving License?

    The fees charged for SCDL are Rs. 200. Note that the Driving License Smart Card fees might vary in different states.

    How can I get smart card driving license in India?

    Visit the official portal of RTO and download the Smart card driving license and then fill the form and visit the necessary documents.

    What are the benefits of smart card driving license?

    A smart card driving license permits the issuance for fake registration certificate and bogus driving license. You will no longer to worry about DL and holders can use it anywhere under any condition.

    How many days it takes to get this done?

    15--20 Days

    Does customer have to go to RTO?


    Number of visits you will have to make to RTO?


    Documents Required

    • Driving license copy
    • Address Proof
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