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All India Permit in India at Motolic

A National Permit is a type of registration provided to transporters by the Transport Department of each State Government for goods carriage throughout India. State Governments can issue two types of permit for goods carriage—one being a State Permit and the other a National Permit. A National Permit provides authorisation for a vehicle to ply across India, within the state in which it was issued, within Union Territories, and at least four other states.

Steps to apply for All India Permit:

  • To obtain a National Permit, the owner of a vehicle must make an application to the concerned State Regional Transport Authority. The restriction placed on the age of vehicles for which National Permits are sought varies by State.

    In some States, there is a restriction on the type of vehicle that may be granted National Permit; however, in most cases it is possible to obtain National Permit for vehicles less than 12 years old.


Documents Required for National Permit

The list of Documents required for obtaining National Permit are:

  • Registration Certificate.
  • Fitness Certificate.
  • Insurance.
  • Proof of payment of tax for the current Quarter to the Home State.
  • Fee for National Permit.
  • Demand drafts drawn in favour of the Authorities prescribed in respect of other states towards payment of composite taxes.
  • Payment of green tax wherever applicable.

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