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Hypothecation Cancellation in India at Motolic

In case you have taken a loan on your vehicle from any bank or financier while purchasing it then you need to complete a process of de-hypothecation in order to keep your vehicle free from any loan assumptions. This step is important in progressing to a more stable financial future. Until you have completed the requirement, your vehicle will be considered under the loan in the RTO system. We provide support to applicants in completing this process.

There are two steps required in order to remove the assumption of a bank loan on your vehicle - completing a de-hypothecation application and receiving guidance from our professional team. Completing these steps will help you move towards a more stable finance future.

Steps to apply for Hypothecation Cancellation:

  • Upload required documents online or through mail and send your original document via post.
  • Pay Motolic service charges online
  • Visit the RTO and meet the Motolic executive for further process.
  • Get your RC within 20-25 working days

How many days it takes to get this done?

15-20 Days

Does customer have to go to RTO?


Number of visits you will have to make to RTO?

Documents Required

  • NOC By Bank
  • RC Book Original
  • Driving license copy
  • PUC Certificate
  • Insurance Copy
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